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((My first nite back to college))

Saturday, August 26th, 2006.

Jen and I went out and ditched our suite mates to go to Nadines apartment. There were alot of people there at the beginning then it emptied out.) Nadine had the notion that Jen and I couldnt leave until the beer was finished up. So we played so many rounds of beer pong it hurt. At one point in the night it was me vs. nadine and mike and I WON. After that i was on a role and was making every cup. It was good.

All day Dave (big dick) kept calling me total: 17 times not counting texts. Jen answered the whole time at Nadines b/c i was playing pong, well he knew we were leaving and waited on his pourch so when we walked by he saw us and made us come over and see him. Well, i did my best to piss him off.

We get to Daves apartment and this guy Mathias came up to Jen and I and told us to hold his hand and walk with him back to campus. haha. I said no no no. So he said to do something, which i did with dave staring haha. Seriously that kid wont give up for nothing.

Cops came and flashed a big light out on us and said get in the house of get arrested (seriously like that too). We went in with MIke Jooonessss! and James and we got to see the boys rooms. Jen Dave and I hung out in Daves room cause it was downstairs and we didnt stay long because Jen had a tummy ache. We left and no later than 3 seconds Dave calls, saying "wow thats lame you planned that, you lie, shes not sick blah blah" and the phone calls kept coming. UGHHHH.

Walking back Jen & I saw people we knew and missed. We ran into Anthony a kid Nadine and I went out to dinner with and got a parking ticket with haha. He went with us back to our room to hang out (this is at 2 am p.s.) We walked passed Hood Hall and Adrian and his suite mates saw us and yelled to us that they're coming out. WEll only Joe, my snowboarder friend from English class came out and he headed back with us and anthony to our room.

Of course Dave kept calling and I kept answering saying leave me alone so Joe yells, who is right next to me, "youre a fag my roomate beat you up" and now Dave is an idiot and doesnt take any of that so he started to yell shit so Jen took the phone and hung up. It was so bad that it got to the point of turning off my cell. It was 3 am anyways.

It was a good nite. I loved how freshman girls walked by and everyone would ask "are you a freshman?" and they'd say say and seriously everyone on that sidewalk from all sides would yell some thing like "ahhh we love freshman woooo" or something stupid. It was def. interesting haha.

This year will be a good year if i keep up this positive attitude and get some more self confidence.

p.s. our dorm room looks so awesome, small this year but awesome and our suite mates are kinda alright. They dont party much but w/e.
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haha dave is officially stalking you, not that i could blame him lol

but hes got a big dick, so that cancels it all out