Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone? (hardcoreloser) wrote,
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?


So everyone on l.j. has been saying negative things
Well, life for me, has been great.
Today was the best day ever.

I went to Delta Phi Epsilon, he sisters gave me a manicure. I bonded with alot of them. This was my second time going there and they remembered about how my car got towed, how i have season tickets to the steelers etc.
They were sweet and i like going to rush events there because i go with my friends Ashley and Meg and they are soo pretty and so sweet. love em.

but, i really like this sorority, the girls are really pretty but so far theyve been nice and not too overly nice yah know? like fake. so thats really good.

Then IM VICE PRESIDENT for my residence hall. Lame. i know. But i won popular vote, so take that bitches....ryan made my flyers (thanks baby) So i had my first hall council meeting today and i felt like sooo imporant and that im actually doing things this sophmore year in college.

Then Brandon and Kristen, two kids on my floor and suite came bye and we just chilled and talked alot about things and wr all decided our floor with all our suitemates are awesome and the nicest kids ever.

SO. little things do make a big difference to me.
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