Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone? (hardcoreloser) wrote,
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?


So as some of you know, im rushing into a sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. Wel one rush event was today and that was the soccer game. I wasn't able to make it because I had class. Well here's how this one conversation went. Which is good.

mkburkey2: but would u want to go to their apartment tomorrow?
Sam6Phan29: i wasnt invited
Sam6Phan29: should u go there ask them then call me?
mkburkey2: no they told me.....you ashley and l.c.
mkburkey2: they specifically said you
Sam6Phan29: really?
Sam6Phan29: cool
mkburkey2: i felt kinda bad cause they didnt say lauren
mkburkey2: yeah

Does that mean I might get a bid, if they mention me, who wasnt there and not this other girl???

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