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Lets call it the comeback

Third year at Plattsburgh University.

and I finally am going to attempt to go to Montreal and see Rilo Kiley Sept 19.

Whats the odds that I might actualy go, because I have no idea where Im going up there and do not speak french...
The Strokes

Ryan & Liz

I've been dating Ryan for 3 years on this day.
To think I went after him because I thought he would like Rooney.
I guess I was half right?
Hardcore is kinda the same genre as Rooney?

Anyways, 3 years isnt too shabby even being 3 hours away due to college :/

We made it another year!! How? haha
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My Valentines Day

Ryan came up to Plattsburgh and we got a room and he decorated it for me while i waited back in my dorm....How great is this, a lil fem for a guy but Ill take it!!
---What do you think?

MySpace Codes

MySpace Codes

MySpace Codes

(thats his Chocolate cell phone next to the box of chocolates HUUUGE)
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soo i got really drunk last night with my whole floor and i cant find my new pricey camera and my DEphiE cups...and i cried b/c my friend Patty who lives across the hall told me Im full of myself, which is a lie and things were cleared up but damn.

ps. first mixer with Pi alpha nu tonight....Bobby....Stephen....should be interesting

Leanne is coming up, its going to be a shit show :) im soo happy

wait i just realized out whooole floor was in this one kids room to drink tonight and we didnt get written up...AMAZING
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Heres something good

I got a 55 on my final for one of my HRT major classes but the teacher liked me so much i guess that he pulled me in, told me he'd match my mid term test grade and that will be my new and final grade...just because i always smile in class and i "have a pretty smile" anddd that i ad 8th higest test score in the class for midterm.

went from a 74 average to 87...

and i didnt do anything

...just smile i guess?

ps. college this year is fab i cant go home yet!
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Bid Night

Yes!!! I,amoung 8 other girls got accepted into delta phi epsilon.
so much to tell.
but it was soo much fun and oh man we were all so just close it seemed liked. i love it! we went to a graffitti party at sigma tau and it was soo much fun i had a blast. wasnt too happy that my FRIEND and plegde mate went off with Bobby "sponge bob" but w/eeeeeeeee i love all the girls they all know know name and my big who i dont know who it is yet is the greatest thing ever she bought me a camera and got me a tee shirt for the grafitti mixer tonight

we also went to axp and that was just greatttt haha

but w/e

perfect nite so much happened
and d de de p phi e e e ! woooo haha
The Strokes

ughhs city

head hurts because ive been thinking/studying all week and stressin like woah
tomorrow then i can breathe and have free time to breathe..

i wanna just sleeepppp