Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone? (hardcoreloser) wrote,
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?

College Update

Monday Night:
-Got really really drunk
-Barely ate anything that day, I had half a wrap that was the only meal I had.
-Pre-gamed by playing Waterfall and Kings....so i didnt last that long :(
-Went to Pi Alpha Nu, around 12:30 barely no one was left.
-Lost a beer pong bet.
-Had a brother kick down his door cause he looked his keys in there so we could hang out.
-Had to leave because i got a threesome offer a guy that couldnt take no as an answer.
-Walked by myself in a shirt that showed my boobs and stomach in the middle.
-Met up with Anthony Joe Mike Jones and some Bobby kid on the way back.
-Got called slutty cause of what I was wearing.
-Went to bed at 4am.
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