Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone? (hardcoreloser) wrote,
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?

Bid Night

Yes!!! I,amoung 8 other girls got accepted into delta phi epsilon.
so much to tell.
but it was soo much fun and oh man we were all so just close it seemed liked. i love it! we went to a graffitti party at sigma tau and it was soo much fun i had a blast. wasnt too happy that my FRIEND and plegde mate went off with Bobby "sponge bob" but w/eeeeeeeee i love all the girls they all know know name and my big who i dont know who it is yet is the greatest thing ever she bought me a camera and got me a tee shirt for the grafitti mixer tonight

we also went to axp and that was just greatttt haha

but w/e

perfect nite so much happened
and d de de p phi e e e ! woooo haha
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